| 24.08.2018

Staff changes at Hanken

During summer there has been several changes in the administrative staff at Hanken.

Mathias Björklund, former Research Liaison Officer, has been recruited as Head of Administration at Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki starting 1 August 2018. The process for recruiting a new Research Liaison Officer will be completed on 24 August 2018.

Scholarship Liaison Officer Marianne Dingstad Cambier has been granted partial leave and Jenny Lundén-Morris will be her assistant until 30 June 2019.

System Planning Officer Mattias Nordling has become an entrepreneur for Springshare, selling their programme platform in Europe. The position as System Planning Officer is vacant at present.

Information specialist Margareta Danielsson is on a one year leave and Qingbo Xu is substituting her. Information specialist Marianne Dube is working on a project within the library and her former tasks are now handled by Vilhelm Lönnberg until 31 December 2018.

Hanna Donner, former Head of Marketing and Communication, has been recruited as Communications Manager at Arcada starting 15 August 2018. She is no longer a Board Member at Hanken and Kicka Lindroos will replace her in the board.

Due to the ongoing re-organising in the support functions Rector has chosen not to appoint a new Head of Marketing at this point. The Hanken partner Eila Kaisla is now recruiting a new Head of Marketing who will remain in charge until 31.12.2018. Marlene Günsberg is the new Communications Manager and will also be head of the marketing team until the ongoing recruitment is completed.

Camilla Wardi is Head of Outreach and Corporate relations. The team for Outreach and Corporate relations includes Fundraising, Corporate relations, Alumni and Career Services.Head of Career Services and Corporate Relations Erik Lund has been recruited as Project Manager to Hanaholmen Culture Centre starting 6 June 2018. Susanna Paul is the new Manager for Career Services.
The teams at External Relations has got three new members: Judith Buddingh’, Jessica Finnilä and Nikoline Stenman-Möller. Please read more about them in this news piece.

Departmental Secretary Charlotte Patola has been granted a one year study leave and her position at the Department of Accounting and Commercial Law is filled by Marie Liulia. Within August the Director of Study Affairs Linda Gerkman will inform how Marie’s current tasks will be re-organised.

Annika Bärlund is the new Departmental Secretary at the Department of Finance and Statistics. Kajsa Fagerholm is the new Study Secretary at the Open University.

Special Advisor Tove Ahlskog-Pursiainen is back from her study leave and now handles e.g. the recruitment team and the documents for the Academic Council.