| 17.08.2018

New employees at External Relations

Three new employees have joined the teams at External Relations: Jessica Finnilä, Judith Buddingh’ and Nikoline Stenman-Möller.

Jessica is the new Web Development Coordinator. She’s responsible for developing the design and user experience of the website as well as publishing web content. She also trains and supports the staff in questions regarding the website and the publication of web content. You can reach Jessica at 050 568 7635 or jessica.finnila@hanken.fi

Corporate Relations Manager Nikoline (Kine) Stenman-Möller works with developing and coordinating Hanken’s corporate relations and connections to other stakeholders in society. If you have any questions regarding corporate relations, please contact Kine on tfn 040 3521 380 or nikoline.stenman-moller@hanken.fiJudith is Hanken’s new Event Manager and has been recruited for the organisation of the ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees (October 2019) and to coordinate and support the other events that are organised within Hanken. The Event Manager can support with innovation and development of existing events as well as to create new events for new target groups.  

In order for Judith to have a structured overview of all events Hanken organizes and supports, please register your events to events@hanken.fi and inform us if you would us to help you with marketing, content or support in any way. You can reach Judith on 040 352 1213 or Judith.buddingh@hanken.fi

We welcome the newcomers and wish you good luck! 


 From the left: Judith Buddingh', Jessica Finnilä
and Nikoline Stenman-Möller