| 31.08.2017

Open access at Hanken – goals and new requirements

Open Access (OA) is becoming a norm in scholarly publishing. What does the funding organisations require? Has Hanken reached its goal for OA publishing? Open access as a new criteria for the publication awards at Hanken.

Several funders of research require that the research results are published open access. The Academy of Finland, the largest funder of research in Finland, requires that all refereed articles produced with funding from the Academy, are published in open access publication channels. Also Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, as well as many private foundations, recommend that research results are published and made openly available. The European Commission has issued a recommendation strongly in favour of scholarly publications to be published open access.In line with this, also the Ministry of Education and Culture requires the universities to report the number of OA publications in the yearly reporting of publications.Hanken's goal to promote OA – have we reached the goal?

In order to promote open research Hanken endeavours to ensure that 80% of its annually reported scientific articles are published as open access. In the year 2016 Hanken reported 207 scholarly publications (A1-A4) to the Ministry, out of which 52 or 25% were open access.How can we reach the goal?

It is important that each researcher always makes his/her articles openly available, taking into consideration the requirements of the publisher and the funder. The most common way of open access publishing is green open access or self archiving. At Hanken this means that the researcher uploads a so called post print version (= refereed manuscript, Author’s Accepted Manuscript, AAM) in Haris. The library staff checks for possible embargos and make the settings for this in Haris.
Gold open access is an entirely OA journal and the article is freely available on the publisher’s website immediately on publication. The author may have to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC).Hanken’s bonus for scholarly publications and open access

The renewed guidelines for publication awards for scientific publications (into force 1.5.2017) also advocates open access. To be taken into account, the articles (A1 & A2), must also have a post print version uploaded into Haris (alongside the metrics). During a transition period, the library will contact the researchers to remind them of the new requirement on self archiving, if there is no file uploaded in Haris.

Learn more:
Guidelines for Open Research at Hanken https://www.hanken.fi/en/research/open-research-and-research-ethics
Guidelines for publication awards for scientific publications https://www.hanken.fi/en/research/publishing/bonus-publications
Hankens LibGuide on Open access http://libguides.hanken.fi/openaccessFor questions on open access please contact research@hanken.fi (research funding and OA), haris@hanken.fi (self archiving, OA in general), openreserach@hanken.fi (open research in general).