Open Research and Research Ethics

Hanken promotes open research

Openness is one of the key principles of science and research. The most evident forms of open research are open publishing of research results (Open Access), open research data (Open Data) and open research methods (e.g. Open Source). Open research promotes the societal influence of science and research, as well as creating new forms of collaboration and innovations.

To promote open research:

  • Hanken endeavours to ensure that 80% of its annually reported scientific articles are published as Green Open Access and that parallel copies of all articles are uploaded to the research database Haris.
  • Hanken recommends that data from the school’s research is always archived in national or international archives, taking into consideration the requirements of the financier and the publisher and with conditions of use that are approved by the researcher.
  • Hanken encourages the school’s researchers to make their analysis and research methods generally available.

For a more detailed description, see

Guidelines for Open Research at Hanken.

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