| 19.04.2021

Hans Dalborg Award to Hanken Researcher Hanna Silvola

Hanna Silvola
Hanna Silvola, Associate Professor of Accounting at Hanken School of Economics, receives the Hans Dalborg Award 2021 as the first researcher in Finland.

The prize, 210 000 SEK, is awarded for excellence in research in financial economics. It is awarded by the Swedish House of Finance.

Riccardo Sabbatucci from Stockholm School of Economics also receives the Award this year. Both winners will present their research during the Swedish House of Finance’s annual meeting on 19 May.

Research in Sustainable Investing

Silvola’s research interests are in sustainable investing. She is very grateful for the recognition.

“Research on sustainability has traditionally been marginal in the field of financial economics. This is, however, something that is rapidly changing – today there are not enough experts in the field," Silvola says.

Silvola conducts research on all dimensions of sustainability: the environmental, social, and economic. The topics range from human rights and diversity to data security. According to her, especially questions related to the climate change have during recent times gained a lot of attention within financial economics.

“The financial sector has experienced a shift towards profitable sustainable investing in light of recent statistics and studies, especially in Europe. Sweden and Finland are showing the way to the rest of the world in this area," Silvola explains.

Silvola’s slogan is: “You do not have to compromise between return and sustainability – to invest sustainably leads to a more sustainable world and good returns.”

Active Speaker and Executive Educator

Silvola's book Vastuullisuudesta ylituottoa sijoituksiin with Tiina Landau was published in Finnish in 2019, and the international edition Sustainable Investing: Beating the Market with ESG will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in June 2021.

Silvola is an active speaker in media and also an executive educator. She has worked at Hanken since 2018.

“Hanken provides a unique research environment for research on sustainable investing. This is not self-evident in all universities," she highlights.

Hans Dalborg served as Chairman of the Board of Nordea in 2002–2011. The prize that carries his name has been awarded since 2015.