| 08.06.2015

Hanken Ranks High for Expert Lecturers

The ISB results reveal that international students at Hanken highly appreciate the teaching and organisation of courses.

Hanken participated last autumn the International Student Barometer (ISB), a survey directed to all international students at Hanken. The results were published in April 2015. ISB enables comparison both with other Finnish and European higher education institutions, as well as a global benchmark. The questions cover a wide area from the lectures and lecturers, facilities, accommodation to support functions are all covered. Both teaching and support functions get a good ratings, but also a number of development areas can be identified in the results.

Lecturers at Hanken Get Good Grade

The international students at Hanken highly appreciate the teaching and organisation of courses. In areas such as course content, learning support, the quality of the lectures and lecturers Hanken is clearly above the mean and even takes the lead in expert lecturers and course content in a Finnish comparison. Research is also an area where Hanken is strong according to the international students enrolled.

In addition to the positive results in education many support functions are also highly appreciated and get a good result in the survey. The Office of Study Affairs, the Centre for Research and International Affairs, The Office of Budgeting and Accounting and Career Services are support functions that are specifically mentioned and receive an above average grade in a Finnish comparison. The personal students tutors are also much appreciated.

Room for Improvement

Despite the good results in several areas, there are also a number of areas to be improved. The welcome and arrival of new students, career guidance provided by faculty and the facilities are all on the list of areas that need development. The feedback has been taken seriously and Hanken is working on how to improve these aspects.

Respondents and More Information

51% (130 students) of Hanken's international students answered the questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent to all international students at Hanken (Bachelor, Master and exchange students and doctoral students). The results can also be analyzed in more detail and for specific groups of students.

Please contact Hanna Donner for more information about the study and the results.