| 21.10.2020

The After Class podcast discusses financial economics and accounting in a relaxed tone

After Class with Jesper & Dennis is a brand new podcast by Jesper Haga and Dennis Sundvik who teaches finance and accounting. The remote teaching and the corona situation made both Jesper and Dennis think that there was room for a podcast.

Listen to the podcast here!

The podcast started in connection with the start of P1 and is aimed at anyone who is curious about accounting and finance. For both Jesper and Dennis, P1 is an intensive teaching period. Jesper teaches courses such as “Lönsamhetsbedömning” and “Empirical Methods in Finance” in Vaasa and Dennis teaches “Redovisningens grunder” in Vaasa and “Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation” in Helsinki and Vaasa.

- We wanted to broaden the contact between lecturers and students in the digital teaching environment. At the same time, we had long wanted to find a forum where you could discuss course-related things outside the classroom, with an "after work", relaxed atmosphere. The corona autumn then gave us the final push, and so we finally created the After Class podcast, says Jesper Haga.

The podcast covers news and business cases that can be linked to the discussions during the courses. In “Redovisningens grunder”, one of the topics is to calculate key figures based on financial statements. In the podcast, Jesper and Dennis discussed key figures for some companies that suited better in a podcast than on a lecture.

- Listening to the podcast provides additional spice to the phenomena we talked about in the lectures. It can help the students to process the material and that way also give a boost in the exams, says Dennis Sundvik but promises nothing.

Jesper and Dennis have also had guests in their podcast. In the fifth episode, Dr. Victoria Clout from UNSW Sydney, discusses the teaching at her university and how the corona pandemic has affected them. In the latest episode Hanken alumnus and JNT's CEO, Maria Höglund, was a guest.
- In section seven, we connect our own research with Maria's insights from the business world, states Jesper Haga.

At first, Jesper and Dennis aimed for the podcast to consist of seven episodes, one each week during P1. The duo has received e-mails from amused listeners with tips and ideas for new episodes, so there may be even more episodes.

- We have created something that is still in the start-up stage. We are constantly trying to improve and find our niche, they state.