The Grönroos Service Research Award

The Grönroos Award acknowledges pioneering and innovative advancements in service research in the spirit of the Nordic School of Marketing thought.



The Grönroos Service Research Award was established in 2010 by the Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management. The goal of this award is to inspire service marketing researchers to pioneering and innovative research that challenges and expands existing knowledge and theories in the service discipline. The Grönroos service research award is named after the marketing professor Christian Grönroos to honor his pioneering contributions to and advancements in service research.

The two main criteria for the award are that the recipient needs to have demonstrated:

  • Pioneering and innovative research in the spirit of the Nordic school of thought
  • Non-traditional contributions made to service management theory

Other criteria for the award are participation in teaching and mentoring, general creativity and innovativeness and service to the marketing community and the public at large.

The Grönroos Service Research Award 2019

The Grönroos Service Research Award of the year 2019 was appointed to two pioneers of service and relationship management, Professors Suvi Nenonen and Kaj Storbacka from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Kaj Storbacka receiving the Grönroos Award 2019

Previous Winners

2017 Professor Mary Jo Bitner and Professor Stephen Brown, Arizona State University
2016 Professor Tore Strandvik, Hanken School of Economics
2015 Professor Pierre Eiglier, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management
2014 Professor Bo Edvardsson, Karlstad University
2013 Professor Javier Reynoso, EGADE Business School
2012 Professor Ray Fisk, Texas State University
2011 Professor Evert Gummesson, Stockholm University School of Business