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Finance at Hanken is one of the leading academic teaching and research units in finance in Finland. The department has a broad international scope in its research and education activities on two campuses: downtown Helsinki and Vaasa. Our faculty is well connected to the finance community in Finland and abroad.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum of BSc & MSc courses. We also offer a  Finance track in English. Faculty members are actively involved in the Certified EFFAS Financial Analysts programme (CEFA/CIIA), customised finance programmes PROFIN, the Hanken Executive MBA programme, Hanken & SSE Executive Education. For students majoring in Finance within the Hanken PhD Programme the studies are integrated with the Graduate School of Finance, a joint programme with other leading Finnish business schools.

The Department's research covers several key areas of finance, such as asset pricing and financial econometrics, corporate finance and corporate governance, law and finance, risk management, market microstructure and real estate.

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