Give back to the future!

Received donations are directed to Hanken's core operations and support Hanken as an independent, Swedish-speaking and international business school.


Donate online, via your bank or via MobilePay

Online donation (by internet bank or credit card)

This is the most simple way to donate but it only enables donations to the campaign connected to the Sitra funding.


Bank: Nordea

Account: FI28 1745 3000 0995 58
Reference: Name and Address, and "OK" if you agree to your name being published on the donor website.



To Hanken's number: 70043
Please write your email address as a comment, "OK" if you agree to your name being published on the donor website.


Count on Hanken

Hanken participates in The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra's co-financing campaign which will allocate a total of 67 million euros to the universities in the autumn of 2022 as co-financing for funds raised. This means that the state matches donations to Hanken with up to 2,5 times for each donated euro. The goal of the campaign is to strengthen Hanken's core activities and the unique position as Finland's only independent business school. The other sub-investment from the Finnish state, 33 million euros, will be distributed to the universities based on the impact of research.

The collection of private donations that accumulate co-financing takes place between 15.6.2020-30.6.2022.  Donations that entitle state co-financing must be donated to the university’s activities without conditions that limit the purpose of the donation.