| 07.02.2020

Professor Karen Spens continues as Hanken's Rector

Karen Spens i Hankens korridor.
The Board of Hankens School of Economics has on 7 February 2020 re-elected professor Karen Spens as Rector for Hankens School of Economics for a three-year period to the summer 2023.

”During Karen Spens’ engaging leadership, Hanken has continued to develop as an internationally oriented, research-oriented university level business school with a strong foundation in our society. I am therefore pleased that she is willing to continue as Rector of Hanken for another three years," Hanken's Chair of the Board Jannica Fagerholm.

Karen Spens has a PhD in the field of health care supply chain management (2001) and was appointed professor of logistics and social responsibility in 2007. Spens is one of the founders of the Humlog Institute (The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute) and the first scientific journal in humanitarian logistics.

”It is a great honour for me to continue with the important tasks, and I am very pleased about the confidence shown towards my work during the past five years. Good cooperation, internally and externally, is the key to continued success," says re-elected Rector Karen Spens.

Hanken School of Economics, founded in 1909, is the oldest business school in Finland, with operations in Helsinki and Vaasa. The unit in Vaasa was founded in 1980 and thus celebrates 40 years this year.