| 25.11.2016

New research institute in gender, diversity and equality

On 25 November the new GODESS research institute was launched. GODESS stands for Gender, Organisation, Diversity, Equality and Social Sustainability in Transnational Times.

The aim of the institute is to enforce and combine research within the fields of sustainability and gender both nationally and internationally, together with two partner universities: Jyväskylä University and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Monash University in Melbourne and St Mary’s University in Halifax are affiliated members as well.“The society is pervaded by frictions today: immigration against anti-asylum resistance, increased equality against equal rights resistance. That’s why there is a need for a platform that focuses on equality, diversity and sustainability”, stresses Associated Professor Pia Polsa.The founding of this research institute is something unique when most universities are forced to decrease activities of this kind. The combination of business life and sustainability and gender is also quite unique.“We are now living in a world where equality has to give way whereas xenophobia, nationalism and racism are gaining ground. In a time like this, research has to step up and ensure that issues like equality and diversity are given proper attention. I am delighted that several institutions within Hanken has decided to co-operate in this international manner within a new organizational framework. GODESS is a good initiative and deserves all possible support”, says professor Niklas Bruun.The GODESS institute offers a platform for building on existing research and development work, and for generating new opportunities.“My own special area of interest within GODESS is gender studies in general, and gender and management in particular, states professor Janne Tienari, Director of the GODESS institute. We are initiating new research projects, and will set up a GODESS seminar series for Spring 2017, where both our own researchers and those from our partner universities will present their work,” continues Tienari.In the future the institute will also organise practitioner oriented events for Hanken alumni and other stakeholders. More information:Janne Tienari, Director for GODESS research institute




To the left: Janne Tienari
In the middle: Jeff Hearn who has written two books on gender, Men's Stories for a Change and Men of the World
To the right: Pia Polsa
Above: Niklas Bruun