| 11.08.2021

Library activities and key numbers 2020

How much did the e-book usage at Hanken increase during 2020? How many shelf meters of books are there in total in the library? We have collected key numbers from Hanken library services and there is no doubt that last year was exceptional.


Annually, Hanken library reports statistics of the library services to the National Library. The numbers from Hanken library, as well as from all other Finnish university libraries, can be found in the Finnish research library statistics database https://yhteistilasto.lib.helsinki.fi/index.php?lang=en. Some parts of the statistics regarding Hanken library services 2020 is now also presented in this infograph, have a look here: https://infogram.com/hanken-library-key-numbers-2020-1h7g6k09jg7wo2o?live​​​​​​​


The Corona pandemic and the closure of the library has of course had a huge impact on the library services. The physical visits to the library decreased with about 69,000 visits from 2019 (117,511 visits 2019 compared to 48,245 visits 2020). Despite the library’s replacing book pick up service the amount of borrowed physical books also decreased with almost 4,000 books (9,168 loans in 2019 and 5,213 loans in 2020).  


The use of electronic material has on the other hand increased significantly, which of course is a natural outcome of the giant digital leap Hanken has made since 2019. The amount of read and downloaded e-books from Hanken e-book collections has increased with 15% during 2020 (92,135 books in 2019 compared to 106,193 books in 2020). The visits on the library websites has also increased with 82% (29,903 visits in 2019 and 54,366 visits in 2020). We are also happy to see that the amount of information searches done in the Hanna search portal has increased with 11% (173,319 searches in 2019 and 192,024 searches in 2020).  


The training sessions and user orientation arranged by the library has moved online since March 2020, according to Hanken’s recommendations. The amount of time used as teaching hours has decreased since it has been possible to unite several groups under one Teams link. From 69 teaching hours 2019 we have now landed on 50 hours for 2020. 


The library also takes care of the reporting of Hanken publication to the Ministry of Education and Culture. We are happy to see that the amount of Hanken publications published as Open Access is increasing. From 68% OA-publications in 2019 to 71% OA-publications in 2020.  


Fun fact: The total shelf meters of books corresponds to a distance from Hanken’s entrance door on Arkadiankatu to Kauppatori (2197 m)! 


Please contact library@hanken.fi in case you have questions or want more information on the library statistics.