| 17.01.2020

Hanken students participated in a study concerning the metropolitan area

Hanken students sitting by the sea
Students at Hanken have participated in a study that examined how students in the metropolitan area view, among other things, housing, urban planning, and studies in the metropolitan area. The goal is to gather ideas and wishes on how to develop the metropolitan area and services for students.

The “Opiskelijan kaupunki” -project was now carried out for the second time. This time, the project has been expanded: group interviews focusing on the students' employment after graduation as well as independent studies were added.

Students generally believe that the amount of independent studies is large and mention that their experience of them is positive. The participants consider it important that there are study locations that are intended only for college students. In addition, the students call for longer opening hours and better access to the study locations.

One of the goals of Finnish higher education policy is to promote the internationalization of Finnish higher education. In the survey, four workshops were held, involving 14 international students and including students from Hanken. The results show that employment difficulties are the single biggest reason why international students are considering leaving Finland.

Hanken has been at the forefront regarding the internationalization of universities and the facilitation of the integration of international students into working life. Hanken International Talent, HIT, is an initiative where international students are matched with a corporate mentor, creating a network within the Finnish business community. The initiative has been active for two years and has already shown good results in the form of employment for the student participants. In addition, Hanken, together with the Hanken & SSE, delivers the Business Lead integration program, which is a training program for highly educated immigrants and refugees. Through Business Lead, participants are offered an opportunity to take a place in the labour market in Finland, which facilitates their integration into society.

You can read the whole study (summary in English) on the Opiskelun ja koulutuksen tutkimussäätiö Otus web page here.