| 03.02.2017

Hanken raises target for fundraising campaign

Hanken’s fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS has exceeded the expectations, and the target for the campaign has now been raised to 10 million euro.

The new target is founded on both the trust and belief that an increasing number of donors will show their support in the last stages of the campaign.– It means a lot that so many are willing to stand behind Hanken and show their support. Thanks to all donations, Hanken will continue its development as an international and independent business school with a focus on competitive research and education of high quality, says Rector Karen Spens. The last stage of the campaign is visible also in other ways. In December, Hanken launched an Alumni Challenge, where a group of alumni will match all incoming donations from other alumni with 1:1 for a six-month period. This additional alumni matching will serve as a lever to the already promised matching from the state. The unique initiative highlights the importance of every donation and the value of the broad support for Hanken among its alumni.The fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS will continue until 30 June 2017 and has so far raised approximately 7,7 million euro. The aim of the campaign is to strengthen Hanken’s basic capital and secure its position as Finland’s only stand-alone business school.For more information, please contact Head of Fundraising Camilla Wardi. camilla.wardi@hanken.fi
tel. +358 (0)40 560 59 64.