| 02.03.2021

Charlotta Collén new director at Hanken

Charlotta Collén
In its meeting on 1.3.2021, the Board of Hanken appointed Charlotta Collén, licentiate in social sciences, as the new director of the unit at Hanken that is responsible for research, corporate connections and international affairs.

Charlotta Collén is currently working as director of development at Oulu University. Her areas of responsibility include the implementation of the university's strategy, strategic research policy, international affairs, and quality assurance. Her previous work experience at different ministries and her wide network both nationally and internationally provide a good basis for the work.

The position as director was declared vacant during the period 11-24.1.2021. Eleven applicants submitted an application. Of these, four applicants were called for an interview. Of those interviewed, two were men and two women. Three of them have a doctorate and one has a licentiate degree. All the interviewees have experience from the university sector or have conducted academic research. The selection was made after a solid selection process with several interviews that were supplemented with testing.

Rector Karen Spens warmly welcomes Charlotta Collén to Hanken.

"Collén has solid experience in research administration, quality assurance, strategic planning and international affairs, thus she will be able to support Hanken's continued work to strengthen our research and international focus," says Rector Karen Spens.

Director Maj-Britt Hedvall, who was one of Hanken's three administrative directors, has decided to retire. Therefore, the position as director of the unit responsible for research, business relations and international affairs was vacated.

Charlotta Collén will begin her work at Hanken in March 2021.