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Research seminars, 2020

Other events, 2020

  • 02-04.2020: GODESS Institute welcomes Professor Albert Mills and Professors Jean Helms Mills from Sobey School of Business at St. Mary´s University, Halifax, Canada, during the following events: 
    • 09.03.2020: discussion on intersectional history at the monthly Gender Group Meeting 
    • 24.02.2020: workshop "From Organizational Culture to Intersectionality, lessons from 30 years of gender research in the airline industry" 

Research seminars, 2019

Workshops, 2019 

  • 25.11.2019: J. Hearn, C. Niemistö, E. Sveiby, Workshop, the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP), Hanken School of Economics, Finland 
  • 10.04.2019: Nordic Gender Equality Workshop 

Research seminars, 2017

Conferences, 2017