“What do you think?” Collaborative and Cross-disciplinary Seminars

CCR, GODESS and HUMLOG warmly welcome you to join our new seminars!


Keywords: cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, research interests, exchanges, positivity

Each seminar, arranged once every second month, will consist of three presentations of around 10 minutes each, followed by discussion of around 20 minutes. The purpose of these seminars is to offer a platform to exchange research ideas, interests, project funding, etc. related to the topic areas of the three research centres. Presenters are encouraged to present early-stage research plan in order to receive some valuable feedback and encouragement. To keep the dialogue going and energy levels high, the seminar will provide delicious sandwiches!

Bring your smile and be ready to indulge in high quality exchange of knowledge!  

We will be back in the fall! Stay tunned to know when the next seminar will take place!

If you have any question or if you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact Marie-Lou at marie-lou.manca@hanken.fi.


Check out below what last year's seminars were about and join our next session!

May 7, 2018:

Based on the feedback received from the research institutes’ affiliates through the mini survey conducted at the beginning of this year and the ambitions formalised in the idea of the joint Area of Strength application “Responsible Organising” (RO), we identified the need and the opportunity to organise a workshop about joint project funding applications around the node of RO targeting next fall and beyond. The purpose of the workshop is to develop cross-disciplinary collaborations at a concrete level through finding synergies and common interests.

Several projects funding applications were briefly presented, then the participants were invited to exchange ideas on different projects or ideas.

Presenters were:

Nikodemus Solitander, STN themes for 2019file type icon stn_themes_2019_nikodemus_solitander_workshop_07.05.18.pdf

FIANT Consulting Oy, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Ville-Pekka Sorsa, How to govern a financialised society?

March 5, 2018:


"One vulnerability may hide another: Online representations of violence on orangutans as a result of oil palm expansion", Martin Fougère, Associate Professor in Management and Politics



"Research plan for the study “Sustainable financial policy: How to design prudential policies for a sustainable banking system?”", Katia Vozian, Researcher in Economics



"Short-term and micro versus long-term and macro thinking in modern societies: What can we do to prevent a catastrophe to our quality of life…?", David Grant, Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility



Our Audience


December 11, 2017:

From left to right:

Ville-Pekka Sorsa: Why would industry associations (not) participate in central trade associations?

Nikodemus Solitander: Responsible Colonial Continuities: The financialization and responsibilization of development aid

Tricia Cleland: #metoo: challenging epistemic violence through digital story sharing


October 16, 2017:


Our audience

Greta Steenvoorden: The missing piece: a bottom-up perspective in social sustainability governance

Ira Haavisto: Learning from reporting in a humanitarian context – Rhetoric and Reality

Nelli Ruotsalainen: Contesting Normative Whiteness in the Finnish Feminist Movement


The Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) is a cross-disciplinary Research and Development Institute focusing on the societal impacts and responsibilities of business.  

GODESS, which stands for Gender, Organisation, Diversity, Equality and Social Sustainability in Transnational Times, is a research and development institute that focusses on research areas of gender, organization, diversity, equality, and social sustainability in transnational times. 

The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG) acts as a focal point for researchers and partly for practitioners in Humanitarian Logistics to conduct high-quality research on logistics and supply chain management in humanitarian and development context.