Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

Would you like to collaborate with us at the Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship? Perhaps you would like to get to know students majoring in entrepreneurship at Hanken? Or participate in first-class research in areas such as venture creation, opportunity processes, and business modelling? Below we elaborate on some collaboration opportunities. As we might have overlooked something, do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

  • Master’s thesis assignments
  • Academic Business Consulting – consulting assignments
  • Guest lecturing
  • Internships
  • Research projects
  • Donate to Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Master's thesis assignments

hesa5_big.jpgThe Master's thesis assignments offer firms the possibility to engage an advanced level entrepreneurship student to work on a firm-specified development project. If you have an assignment in mind, please contact professor Joakim Wincent.Examples of previous Master's thesis assignments include:

  • Pihlström, J. (2012): Belöningar inom Små Familjeföretag ( Available online)
  • Aminoff, S. (2012): Corporate and family governance in the family firm
  • Bui, N. (2012): A New Perspective on Bootstrapping: An Art of Strategic Saving and Benefit Adding for Entrepreneurs

Academic Business Consulting - consulting assignmentsTeams of students work on consulting assignment given by private and public organisations. If you would like to hire a team of students to work on your problem, please contact professor Joakim Wincent.The content of the assignment is preferable within the limits of entrepreneurship and management topics. Examples of previous consulting assignments include research on how to improve customers' well being during waiting time in a bank, conducting image survey and the creation of a marketing- and sales strategy for a business-to-business company.


ABC http://www.academicbusinessconsulting.fiGuest lecturingWe are organising a variety of entrepreneurship courses at Hanken. In many of the courses, we would welcome guest lectures to bring in a flavor of the business life. If you are interested in lecturing, please contact professor Joakim Wincent.


Students of entrepreneurship can include an internship (praktikum) of 12 weeks in their studies. If you are interested in providing an internship to one our students, please contact ED Tom Lahti.Research projectsThe centre is working on setting up new research initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship. Please visit ou Research Site to find out what themes we are currently working on. Please contact the respective contact person of the project to discuss cooperation opportunities.

Donate to Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in supporting entrepreneurship teaching and research carried out at Hanken? You can help us to build our activities by donating to the Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship. Donations of and between 850 and 250 000 euros are tax deductible for limited liability companies.If you would like to donate to the Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship, please contact professor Joakim Wincent or Hanken's fundraising coordinators Camilla Wardi.