Hanken Business Lab Excursions

On a regular basis, Hanken Business Lab arranges excursions to visit locations in order to learn about the differences in the global startup ecosystems.


START Summit, St Gallen 2020

A third and upcoming visit to St. Gallen will take place in March of 2020. A group of students, Hanken employees, investors and alumni will visit the inspiring START Summit conference once again.

START Summit, St Gallen 2019

For the second year in a row, Hanken sent a delegation of students, investors and Hanken employees to visit St Gallen in order to further develop the relationship with our central European colleagues. 

START Summit, St. Gallen, 2018

'Hanken organized an excursion to St. Gallen University and Start Summit in order to build a continuous relationship between students, startup companies, investors and alumni.'

Hanken Business Lab

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