Student housing

Looking for student housing? Here you will find some tips on how to find housing in both Helsinki and Vaasa.

Student housing in Helsinki

Hanken student housing in Arabianranta (Majsporten)

Hankens has brand new student housing in Arabianranta, Majstranden. The first tenants of the Majsporten building (with an Arcada sports facility on the roof) moved in on February 1st, 2019. The Majsporten student housing project is a cooperation with Arcada University of Applied Sciences.You can apply for a rental contract if you are registered as present at Hanken.

Applications are handled by Arcada Nova. Application form:

Please fill in the following sentence in the application form (6. Additional information):
I am a Hanken student applying for an apartment in Majsporten.

The Majsporten house consists of 103 apartments devided into 85 one-room apartments, 14 two-room apartments (couples and buddies) and four three-room apartments. 40 % of the apartments are reserved to Hanken students. Rents and apartments:

- One-room apartment 24.5 -32m2, 60 apartments. Rent 470-520€
- One-room apartment with alcove, (also for couples), 34.5-40,5 m2, 25 apartments. Rent 587-731€ for the whole apartment
- Two-room apartment 37-45.5m2, 9 apartments. Rent 685-800€ for the whole apartment
- Buddy Two-room apartment (2 separate rooms + a shared room with kitchen), 56-60.5m2, 9 apartments. Rent 896-940€ for the whole apartment

All rental contracts are valid for one academic year at a time. Requirements for getting a new contract for the next academic year is to be registered as present at Hanken and that you have taken care of your commitments in accordance with the rental agreement. The same standards of conduct, general conditions and rules for sub-tentants are applied as for all tenants of the Majstranden student housing apartments:

Majsporten is the first student housing project where Hanken can offer student housing to its students. In 2021, Hanken’s next house with over 80 apartments on Jätkäsaari will be completed.

Other Student housing in Helsinki

HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region) offers about 9 000 apartments for anyone undertaking full-time studies in a secondary level educational institution or university in the Helsinki region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen).  The City of Helsinki also offers housing in different parts of the city.

Student housing in Vaasa

VOAS (The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa) offers apartments to students in Vaasa. The foundation offers shared apartments, studios and family apartments in downtown, Palosaari, Suvilahti, Huutoniemi, Gerby and Melaniemi. Also Svenska Lärarhögskolans Bostadsstiftelse offers housing for students in Vaasa. 

Hanken is a partner of, the international student-to-student housing platform. Students who are coming from abroad to Helsinki and Vaasa can find & book a student room on The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that go abroad for a study abroad semester, exchange, Erasmus or internship. Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student; when you make a concrete booking an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.