After course registration

Read more about what happens after your course registration

After you have registered

A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail after you´ve successfully registeraed. If you have not received the e-mail, please also check your junk mail and spam folders before contacting us.

Signing up for courses

All course registrations are manually entered into Hanken´s study register, and therefore it might take 1-2 weeks before they are visible there, so we ask you to be patient. Your study right will appear in Sisu as soon as you have been registered.

After you have been registered to a course and got your user-ID to Hanken´s network, you need to create a study plan, and sign up as participant on your courses. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found on this page. If you prefer that, you can also use our quick video instructions.

You need to sign up for all courses you are participating in at least a week before they start or within the timeframe you can find in the course description in Sisu.

If you need help, please contact

Moodle – the platform for course materials and communication

The course material can be found in Moodle. The examiner sends the Moodle-key at the start of the course, either via e-mail (to your Hanken address) or in Sisu. Remember to also check your junk mail and spam folder if you haven´t received an e-mail. The examiner also posts exam results in Moodle. If you have questions about these, please contact the teacher or the departments amanuensis. All e-mail addresses at Hanken have the form

For studies at the Open University, you need access to Hanken's network and the Hanken e-mail. The teacher(s) will send all important information to your Hanken e-mail.

Instructions on how to activate your user ID are here. Please allow 1-2 weeks before activating since we manually need to register you to Hanken's study system first.

Note! You need Finnish bank codes to activate your user ID. Consequently, even if the courses are given on-line, you cannot attend the courses if you are a permanent resident in another country. If you need help with your user-ID, please contact the IT-department at

The Fall 2022 courses are mainly given as contact teaching (in-class), which require mandatory attendance. However, we also offer online courses and self-study courses. Always check the course description for the course that interests you, on how the teaching and examination is structured. Exams may require physical attendance, even for online courses.

The course descriptions are in Sisu. Instructions on how to find them are here.

In-class courses: the time tables are in Schema. Put the course code in the topmost white field -> search -> info -> reservations.
If you cannot find your course in Schema, please contact the teacher.

Online courses: shortly before the course starts the examiner will notify the participants a password to Moodle (if the course is locked). The password is sent either through email, or through Sisu, so please check both places. In Moodle you will find all the necessary information about the course, such as timetable, assignments, and examination. Please contact the teacher for the password if you haven't received it by course start. Moodle is also where you will find the course results after exams. If you have questions about these, please contact the teacher or the department amanuensis.

All email adresses at Hanken are You can find information about who teaches the courses in Sisu.

Info on how the exam is arranged will be notified in Moodle; please check the Moodle page for your course. If you forgot to sign up in time, you might have a chance to attend the exam through the queue list. For online exams, more info on the Digital Exam here