After course registration

Read more about what happens after your course registration


In order to be able to study, you need access to the Hanken computer network and e-mail . The teacher(s) will send all important information to your Hanken e-mail.

You will find instructions on how to activate your computer ID here. Please allow 2-3 weeks before activating - we need to manually register you to Hanken's study system first.

Note! You need to have Finnish bank codes to be able to activate the computer ID. Consequently, even if the courses are given on-line, you cannot attend at the courses if you are permanent resident in another country.

Info about the course starting time

When the course's starting period is due, the teacher will email all participants a password to Moodle (if the course is locked). In Moodle you will find all necessary info of the course's path such as timetable, assignments and so on. Please contact the teacher for the password if you did not receive it by course start. If the course is given as classroom studies, look for the time table in Schema. If you cannot find your course in Schema, please contact the examiner.


You sign up for exams in WebOodi. If you forgot to sign up in time, you have a chance at attending the exam through the queue list.

NOTE! Due to the pandemic (Covid-19) all courses during autumn 2021 at the Open University are online.

However, the exam in some courses may require physical attendance (Examinarium room at Hanken in Helsinki or Vaasa).  Depending on how the pandemic situation develops, the examiner for your course can change the exam form. Follow your course website in Moodle and your hanken email. Through these channels you get information if something changes. Not all examiners and examination forms do require examination registration in WebOodi during the state of emergency.