Quality Management and System

Hanken quality assurance system is based on a systematic and continuous cycle of improvement, the so called Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model.

Rectors quality elements - diagram

Quality system

As Hankens quality system is continuously being developed, a new way of depicting the quality system structure and the link to strategic management has emerged. The components for the Hanken quality system are: International benchmarking, organisation and processes, feedback and continuous improvement, personal development and career advancement and information and documentation.

In the figure "Hanken quality system", the connection between the components, the strategy and the quality policy is reflected.

Rectors quality elements - diagram 2

Quality management

Quality management is part of the day-to-day work at Hanken. Every academic department and unit is responsible for documenting and maintaining quality management, with the management team in charge of the academic departments/units quality management processes.

The management team consists of: Rector, Head of units, Deans, Language Centre Director, Planning Manager (secretary).

Strategy and quality management are aligned through the use of the so called Hanken Annual Calendar.

Hanken Academic Year 2019-2020 diagram

Quality manual and Integrated Management System (IMS)

In order to better define the objectives, structure and operating principles Hanken has set down in writing its quality system procedures - Hanken Quality Manual.

Hanken has structured the documentation of the procedures, processes in Hanken's Integrated Management System IMS. IMS provides the possibility to link process descriptions with strategic guidelines and the legal framework. The quality manual and the process maps constitute a visual whole, so in order to view and make the best use of the manual, links and processes, one should use the in their digital form in IMS.

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