Assurance of Learning (AoL)

The AoL-process is a continuous measurement process that aims to improve students’ learning.

The Academic Council (AC) has 31.10.2019 approved the Assurance of Learning (AoL) Policy at Hanken:

The process is focused on what the students learn rather than on what is taught.

  • What will the students learn within our programmes? What are our expectations?
  • How will the students learn what they are expected to learn?
  • How do we know if they have learned that or not?
  • What do we do in case the students have not learned what is expected of them?

In other words, AoL is about development and it is a continuous process that never is entirely ready. Everything from learning goals to students’ learning is developed in accordance with the general development in society and the requirements that are placed on graduates.

In short it can be said that that the Assurance of Learning process consists of the following elements:

  • We have defined learning goals for all our programmes.
  • We have developed learning objectives for the different learning goals and decided where and how we shall measure how well the learning objectives – and thereby learning goals – are achieved.
  • A systematic process for how to analyze the results has been developed. Discussions are held on the basis of the measurement results regarding possible needs for modifications within the different programmes. Thereafter decisions are made regarding what actions to take and within what timeframe.

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