Staff Liisa Husu

Liisa Husu

Affiliated Researcher

Management and Organisation (Helsinki)

Doctor of Social Sciences, Economics, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2001

Doctor of Social Sciences, Economics, Helsingfors Universitet, Finland, 2001
Docent in Women's Studies, University of Tampere, Finland, 2009

Latest publications
Jeff Hearn, Liisa Husu, Sofia Strid, Mieke Verloo2016,'Interrogating violence against women and state violence policy',Current Sociology,vol. 64,no. 4,pp. 551-567.
Jeff Hearn, Liisa Husu, Rachel Palmén2016,'Historical Perspectives and Future Scenarios',
Jeff Hearn, Ingrid Biese, Liisa Husu, Marta Choroszewicz2016,'Gender, diversity and intersectionality in professions and potential professions',pp. 57-70.
Liisa Husu, Lihadh Al-Gazali, Virginia Valian, Ben Barres, Ling-An Wu, Eva Y. Andrei, Joan Handelsman, Corinne Moss-Racusin2013,'Scientists of the world speak up for equality',Nature,vol. 495,pp. 35-38.