| 25.08.2016

Welcome to Hanken!

Over 480 new students begin their study journey at Hanken this fall.

Over 480 new students begin their studies at Hanken this fall. The opening of the academic year is held on 1 September at 1pm in Helsinki and on 2 September at 1 pm in Vasa. Orientation days for the new students are held 24-26.8 in both Helsinki and Vasa.Hanken admitted in total 288 new students to the BSc programme in Helsinki and Vaasa. This year a record number of new BSc-level students are admitted through direct admission, which means that 27 applicants are admitted based on their results in the matriculation examination.Hanken also extends a warm welcome to the around 180 new Master’s and PhD students!For additional information please contact Hanken’s admissions service:
ansokan@hanken.fi (recommended) or 040-3521 388