| 21.03.2019

Waselius & Wist joins Hanken Partner Programme

Together with Hanken Business Lab, Waselius & Wist want to help startups to get in touch with legal services from the start.

Hanken’s Partner Programme is strengthened by the law firm Waselius & Wist joining the programme. Waselius & Wist is a commercial law firm founded in 1997. They work e.g. with mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, tax law, and employment law.

– We can offer the startups our knowledge of what foreign buyers or investors are looking for in this kind of companies, and offer that information to the startups at Business Lab, says Fredrik Lassenius, lawyer at Waselius & Wist.

Waselius & Wist’s collaboration with Hanken Business Lab will include seminars about subjects that the entrepreneurs of Hanken Business Lab want to know more about.


Waselius & Wist är ny Hanken Partner.

Business Support Jonna Bäckström-Suikki, lawyer Kim Ekqvist, lawyer Fredrik Lassenius and lawyer Christoffer Waselius at Waselius & Wist are looking forward to working with young entrepreneurs.

This is a summary of an article from the Hanken Magazine 1/2019. For the full article, please read the Swedish version of this page. You can read the whole magazine here.

Read more about the Partner Programme on the page Hanken Partner Programme.