| 31.08.2017

Top research and global competences the core of the Hanken 2025-strategy

Hanken’s revised strategy sets out the school’s strategic targets for the year 2025.

Hanken will continue to focus on high quality research and education, internationalisation, strong corporate connections and social responsibility and sustainability.Watch our pioneering animation about the Hanken 2025 strategy! 

  The illustration of Hanken’s strategy highlights the key parts of the strategy. Hanken’s operations are based on seven characteristics – all at the heart of the strategy:-Academic research

Hanken Strategy.jpg

-Researchbased education-Multilingual-International orientation-Social responsibility-Corporate relevance Together with the mission and vision, these are the foundation of Hanken 2025/for the revised strategy.The Hanken 2025 strategy is defined in more detail in substrategies for four selected areas: Research, Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, and Marketing Communication.More information:Nina Olin
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