| 15.10.2021

The Swedish Cultural Foundation donates one million euros to Hanken

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland donates 1 000 000 euros to Hanken and the fundraising campaign Count on Hanken. The campaign has now received donations exceeding 2,8 million euros.

"This is our way of showing how important university education and research are for the Swedish-speaking society in Finland and it is a way for us to use the Foundation's money effectively. At the same time, as we are directly supporting the universities, our donations guarantee that the state invests public funds in the Swedish-speaking education," says the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s Chair Mikaela Nylander.

"The Swedish Cultural Foundation’s donation to Hanken is of great importance and we are deeply grateful. The donation strengthens the research and the Swedish-speaking education and is an important signal. Hanken is determined to stand as a role model for long-term investments that benefit both Hanken and society at large", says Hanken's rector Karen Spens.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation’s mission is to support education and research, arts and culture and community services that benefit the Swedish-speaking society in Finland. The Swedish Cultural Foundation was founded in 1908 and is today an umbrella organisation for approximately 490 funds.

The fundraising campaign Count on Hanken runs until 30.6.2022. The funds raised are used to strengthen Hanken's unique position as Finland's only independent business school.

For more information:
Camilla Wardi, Head of Corporate Relations and Outreach
Phone 040-560 59 64