The Student Union appointed Lecturer and Teacher of the Year 2017

The Student Union appointed Lecturer and Teacher of the Year 2017

Mikko Vesa, Associate Professor in Management and Organisation, has been elected Lecturer of the Year by the Student Union of Hanken. The award was announced during the Student Union’s annual ball in February.

The title Lecturer of the Year traditionally goes to a lecturer that motivates and inspires students through his or her teaching. Mikko Vesa is described as Mikko Vesaa lecturer that combines theory with well-known practical examples in order to make it easy to understand how they are interconnected. The students also commended him for setting-up courses that are well-coordinated and include efficient learning methods.

“It’s very important that we educate young leaders with the capability to meet the challenges that organisations face”, says Mikko Vesa. “That’s why I try to avoid the obvious and challenge my students to find fresh and bold ideas”, Vesa states. Vesa also extends his sincere gratitude to the Student Union for the award, which he thinks is the greatest honour a teacher can receive..

In December 2017 the Students’ Association in Vaasa appointed Jesper Haga, Lecturer in Finance, Teacher of the Year 2017 for thJesper Hagae third time in a row. He is described as helpful teacher that listens and motivates his students.

"I’m flattered by the award, of course, but at the same time a bit surprised since I know we have a lot of good teachers here at Hanken. I hope I can maintain the good relations to the students so we can develop my courses further together", says Jesper Haga.