QTEM – so much more than a student exchange

QTEM – so much more than a student exchange

Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management, QTEM, is a network that gives students valuable international experience and network.

Within the international QTEM-network, students on master level can go on student exchange for one or two semesters within the network, and perform a mandatory internship, possibly abroad. On top of the MSc degree from the university, they also get a certificate from the QTEM-network.

During QTEM the students develop their analytic and quantitative skills and they become part of a special network. They also solve a data challenge jointly with two other international students in the QTEM Data Challenge. QTEM gives the student much more than a regular exchange, says the initiator, Bruno van Pottelsberghe.

"It’s a lot of work, but the students get an international network and an exceptional education with analytical skills. They are trained for skills that are the skills of the future, and they are very attractive on the job market", says van Pottelsberghe.

For masters students

To qualify for QTEM you have to be a masters student at one of the partner universities in the QTEM-network. However, already Bachelor students in their third year can apply for QTEM studies. Typically they are ambitious students with good grades and an interest in analytics and the quantitative field. The application process includes the GMAT-test, and several universities also apply interviews with the QTEM-network corporate partners. Hanken has two application rounds per year, 5 February and 5 June.

"QTEM is also a good alternative for students that want to take their masters degree at another university than their bachelors degree. A typical QTEM-student has been in two-three countries, completed an internship and finds a job very fast after graduation", says van Pottelsberghe.

A growing network

The QTEM-network consists of 24 universities in 17 countries, and 16 corporate partners. The network started out in 2012 with one student, but during the years it has grown and this year 360 students are a part of the network. QTEM wants to expand still.

"Our goal is to grow and the aim is to expand on the American continent, also India, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand", says van Pottelsberghe.

Minna Martikainen, Bruno van Pottelsberghe och Johanna Lilius.

Bruno van Pottelsberghe, initiator of the QTEM-network, visited Hanken on 7 March 2019. Minna Martikainen and Johanna Julin-Lilius are the QTEM contacts at Hanken. Read more about Hanken and QTEM here.