| 04.09.2019

Nobel Laureate Bengt Holmström linked to Hanken and Helsinki GSE

Hanken’s Rector Karen Spens announced in her speech at the Opening of the Academic Year that Nobel Laureate Bengt Holmström will be linked to Hanken from 1.1.2020.

Tapio Kosunen, Director General at the Ministry of Education and Culture advocated a higher educational level in Finland and Chair of the Board, Jannica Fagerholm, stated that Hanken will continue to further internationalisation.

Rector Karen Spens opened the academic year as Hanken School of Economics celebrates 110 years in Helsinki and the 40:th year in Vaasa. During the anniversary Nobel Laureate Bengt Holmström will be tied to Hanken and Helsinki Graduate School of Economics as Hanken Foundation Distinguished Fellow. Bengt Holmström is at present professor at MIT, and will be linked to Hanken starting next year. He will support teaching and research with special regard to the PhD programme.

The interest for Hanken as a place of study is continuously strong. The School received a total of 1439 applications for the integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s programme in Vaasa and Helsinki – a record number. Of the admitted Master’s students 41% have a non-Finnish nationality. This strengthens Hanken’s position as an international school. Spens is, however, critical towards the matriculation examination quota, which was introduced nationwide in 2018.

"There is a need for supplementary admission that supports diversification of students. Hanken has decided to also introduce admission based on special merits. These may be a background in entrepreneurship, volunteering, sports or art in combination with good abilities to study", said Spens.

Director General Tapio Kosunen stated that one of the goals for the government in office is to increase the level of education nationwide, focusing on more new students in universities and lifelong learning.

"The universities have the chance to be pioneers within the field of lifelong learning as it’s still developing. There is a need for new digital solutions and co-operation between universities to reach the desired flexibility", said Kosunen.

Chair of the Board, Jannica Fagerholm, stressed that Hanken will continue to further internationalisation.

"We believe in collaborating internationally in terms of research, student exchange and ex pat alumni who return to Finland. This contributes to Finland being more prepared for the future", concluded Fagerholm.