New Board and Deans for Hanken

New Board and Deans for Hanken

The Board for Hanken School of Economics 2016-2018 convened for the last time 10.12.2018. Björn Wahlroos has been chairman of the board for three consecutive periods.

The new board held its inaugural meeting the same day. Jannica Fagerholm was elected chair of the board and Janne Larma is the new co-chairman. The other board members are: Sampo Sauri, Kristina Heinonen, Kenneth Högholm, Mikko Vesa, Sofia Stolt, Roger Holm, Agneta Marell and Rasmus Sinnemaa as student member.

The term of office for the board is 1.1.2019–31.12.2021.

New deans

The board meeting 10.12.2018 also appointed new deans for Hanken:

Professor Anders Löflund, Dean of Executive Education and Corporate Relations
Professor Sören Kock, Dean of Education and rector’s representative in Vaasa
Professor Minna Martikainen, Dean of Educational Cooperation,
Professor Jaakko Aspara, Dean of Research and Innovation

The term of office of the deans is 1.1.2019 – 31.7.2020.