| 13.06.2018

Lecturer at Hanken elected to honorary task

Lecturer Jannika Lassus has been elected new member of the Swedish Language Board in Finland.

The Swedish Language Board in Finland is an expert body on language and name use guidance in Swedish. In addition to issuing general recommendations and guidelines on the usage of Swedish, the Board is a policy authority in questions relating to the Swedish language.The term of office is three years, 1.6.2018-31.5.2021.

The other board members are:
•    Johan Bärlund (University of Helsinki), chair
•    Dan Lolax (Åbo Underrättelser)
•    Michaela Örnmark (Tölö gymnasium)
•    Bodil Haagensen (University of Jyväskylä)
•    Anna Maria Gustafsson (Institute for the languages of Finland)