| 12.04.2016

Interest for Hanken continues to be high

The application period for all study programmes at Hanken has ended and shows that the interest for Hanken remains strong.

This spring’s application periods for bachelors, masters and doctoral studies have ended. The numbers show that the interest for studying at Hanken continues to be stable and that a rise in interest can be seen towards master’s studies and the Hanken PhD Programme.Solid interest for bachelor’s studies
A total of 1108 persons (2015: 1177) applied for studies within the integrated bachelor’s and master’s programme in Swedish. Of these, 569 have applied for studies only in Helsinki, 176 in Vaasa, and 363 have applied for a study place at both locations. Of the applicants, 65.1 % has Hanken as their primary choice of study place and 38.6 % are women.The entrance exam will be arranged on 7 June 2016. Persons, who will be admitted based on Open University studies or directly based on their high school certificate, will not take part in the entrance exam. In total, 49 persons (2015: 46) applied for a study place at Hanken based on studies at the Open University.Increased number of applicants to master’s studies
The interest towards master’s studies in English showed a significant rise when a total of 833 persons (2015: 338) applied for a study place at one of Hanken’s six Master’s Degree Programmes in English. The share of international applicants was 59 %.A total of 197 persons (2015: 172) applied for master’s studies in Swedish. This year it was possible to apply to all majors offered at Hanken in Helsinki and Vaasa.Doctoral studies attract more applicants
The interest for pursuing doctoral studies shows a striking increase, when a total of 30 persons applied to the Hanken PhD Programme in the spring application round, compared to 19 in 2015. As of 2016 Hanken guaranteed all doctoral students funding for the first two years, given that the students show good study progress.