Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 7.6.2017

Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 7.6.2017

Summary of the decisions made during the meeting 7.6.2017.

In its meeting on 7 June, the Academic Council (AC) approved 89 master’s theses.

Cloudmeeting, a new webservice, was presented. The service will enable AC members to vote online. The members will receive a login to a website that works everywhere, even on smartphones. Cloudmeeting allows you to both discuss and vote. Initially the AC will use the service for approving doctoral theses.

The AC decided to discuss the distribution of the task as second examiner for master’s theses and the wording of the thesis report during one of the autumn meetings.

Decisions on additions and new courses for the academic year 2017-18

AC decided on three new courses: an English language course (Communication Clinic), an advanced course in Economics (Supplementary Studies in Economics) and a new course on bachelor’s–level Voluntary Work and Societal Engagement. The course on Voluntary Work is open to all students regardless of main subject.

The AC also decided that the course Corporate Responsibility Across Business Studies will also be offered in Vaasa, the English language course Team Communication Skills will run also in autumn 2017 and that two new advanced courses in Economics will be delivered by the University of Helsinki within the framework of the HECER cooperation.

Principles for limiting the number of participants on courses

The AC discussed the matter. A final decision on the principles will be made in a separate e-mail meeting.

Admissions criteria to Hanken’s master’s programme 2018

The following admissions criteria and criteria for ranking applicants were approved by the Academic Council:

The master’s programme 2018 will have a quota of 160 students. The goal is to accept 120 students to the English programme and 40 students to the Swedish programme. Hanken is aiming to increase the number of students holding a foreign BSc degree to at least 60 persons.

The application period for the master studies in English is open until January and the application period for master studies in Swedish are set nationally.

When ranking applicants results in previous studies account for 75% and fit for the programme accounts for 25%. The overall score for GMAT should be no lower than 550.

The definite wording will be finalized in an e-mail meeting.