| 13.04.2017

Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 5.4.2017

In its meeting on 5 April, the Academic Council (AC) approved of 9 master’s theses. AC noted that the theses tend to build up towards the last meetings of the semester.

Study plans and new courses for the academic year 2017-18 AC also decided on the study plans for the academic year 2017-2018. The study plans for most of the subjects are the same as this academic year since there are some large-scale changes coming. Only the subject Management and Organisation has a renewed study plan. AC established that small changes in the course offering could be made without AC-decision, only by informing the Office of Study Affairs through the Departmental Secretary.Even though the study plans largely correspond to those of the current year, the AC did approve some new courses for the academic year 2017-18. The new courses are optional and do not affect the study plan.AC also decided upon some instructions for the teaching staff during the discussion around the teaching offering.

  • According to a previous Board decision, British English is to be used at Hanken, not American English. The Examiners are to pay attention to this when the course plans are written. The students can decide for themselves which form they use.
  • The course descriptions are to be sent according to a given schedule so that the language can be checked in time and AOL-aspects can be taken into consideration.
  • It’s important that every single teacher reads the AOL-instructions that are sent out, since these are updated on a regular basis.

AC also discussed the proposals to limit the number of participants for courses and emphasises the importance of having a reason for the limitation in the proposal. The ground rule is that limitations are only allowed when the course in question is a project course that is delivered in co-operation with a company or another university. The matter was remitted to the Pedagogical Council to discuss the principles for limitation and will then be discussed again in AC.Matters within the process of doctoral theses
Since the Academic Council’s last meeting the following decisions have been made:

  • Dean of Research has appointed Professor Ulf University of Gothenburg and Professor Paul Torremans, University of Nottingham as pre-examiners for doctoral student Kelli Larson’s thesis manuscript.
  • Dean of Research has appointed Professor Dr Joep Cornelissen, Erasmus University and Professor Johanna Moisander, Aalto University, as pre-examiners for doctoral student Philip Gylfes’ thesis manuscript.
  • Dean of Research has appointed Professor Lena Mossberg, University of Gothenburg and Associate Professor Sara Rosengren, Stockholm School of Economics, as pre-examiners for doctoral student Eeva Solja’s thesis manuscript.
  • Dean of Research has appointed Professor Dimo Dimov, University of Bath and Associate Professor Teemu Kautonen, Aalto University, as pre-examiners for doctoral student Silvia Stroe’s thesis manuscript.
  • Approval of the public defense of Johanna Dahl’s thesis ”Coopetition in Inter-firm Relationships. A conceptual development of coopetition as a process and a strategy and an empirical investigation of the outcomes in an international context” and as opponent appointed Professor Devi R. Gnyawali, Virginia Tech and as custos Sören Kock. The defence will be held on 29 April 2017.
  • The Academic Council has approved of Mikko Laamanen’s doctoral thesis ”The Politics of value creation”.

Rector informing
In her summary, Rector informed the Academic Council of the following matters

  • Hanken’s quality system was approved by the FINEEC
  • The Board approved of the strategy package in its meeting on 29 March. The package includes a short term plan divided in 1) Academic excellence 2) Internationalisation 3) Digitalisation and 4) Funding
  • The structure of the master’s programme will be developed by Dean of Education Minna Martikainen. One of the key points in the reform is to be able to offer a high quality programmes that are internationally attractive.