Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 4.10.2017

Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 4.10.2017

Summary of the decisions made during the meeting 4.10.2017.

In its meeting on 4 October, the Academic Council (AC) approved 26 master’s theses.
The council also discussed that a statistical presentation of the theses grades would give the AC an overview of the total range of grades.

Decision on the admission timetable for the PhD programme 2018

AC decided that the last day for submitting a degree certificate/diploma when applying to the PhD programme is 31 July for the spring intake and 31 December for the autumn intake.

Decision on amendment to the teaching plan in Management and Organisation

A finance course, Strategic Growth Investing, will be delivered in cooperation with management and organisation. The number of participants is restricted to 20 due to the course visit to Slush. The departments have financed the first year, but in the future a financial plan needs to be made.

Changing the extent of courses in Management and Organisation

Management and Organisation has made additions to their 4 ECTS courses to transform them into 5 ECTS courses. The change is made to conform with the AC decision on all the courses being either 5 or 10 ECTS from 1 August 2018.

AC requests all department councils to describe changes made to the course contents when shifting to 5 ECTS courses. The Council will approve the changes only after obtaining this description. The Teaching Lab will provide support to the teachers regarding course planning in this matter.

The AC meetings in 2018

The AC meetings in 2018 will be timed to better match the graduation dates. The meetings will take place: 31.1, 7.3, 11.4, 9.5, 6.6, 29.8, 3.10, 7.11, 5.12.2018. The new course descriptions will be approved in April.

The beginning of the Academic Year 2018-2019

The first semester is scheduled to start on 27 August. This date is challenging for students in need of a visa, since Migri only grants student visas from 1 September. AC decided that the first semester will start on 27 August, but only for first year bachelor students. The rest of the students start on 3 September.

Schedule for registration to courses

The AC decision of closing the registration one week before the course starts has caused some technical issues. AC will discuss a possible modification in a future meeting. Until then the decision with closure one week prior to course stands.

Revising the study plans

AC stated that the mandatory courses cannot have a limited number of students.

AC also stated that there is a need for decreasing the credits of the seminar courses at Hanken from 12 ECTS to 5 ECTS and laying down a general outline for the content of these courses.

From 1 August 2018 there has to be two parallel study plans. Master’s students starting on 1 August 2018 would follow the new study plan and other students would be affected by the new study plan on 1 August 2019. The seminar courses would thus change 1 August 2019. The pedagogical council will set up a working group that will draw guidelines for the seminar courses.