Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 31 January 2018

Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 31 January 2018

Read the summary of the Academic Council meeting 31.1.2018.

In its meeting on 31 January 2018 the Academic Council (AC) approved of 26 master’s theses. Rector will remind the examiners to respect the deadlines for the reports.

Schedule for Period 1 in 2018-2019

There has been speculations whether period 1 will be too short if the academic year starts on 3 September 2018 for all other students except the freshmen on bachelor’s level. The AC is aware of the fact that only 7 weeks remain of period 1, but sticks by its previous decision. The students didn’t think that the workload would be excessive and is balanced by the possibility to continue working until 31 August.

Internship on Master level

After a lively discussion and a vote, the AC decided that all main subjects and tracks on master level will include a possibility to do an internship of either 5 or 10 ECTS within the 90 ECTS of the main subject studies. Further information about the internships is found in the AC minutes (in Swedish).

Complementary literature course on Master level

In order to rectify the problem with uneven credits due to the change in study plans, master level students will be able to take a complementary literature course to reach 90 ECTS within their major subject. The AC decided that the courses should be 2 and 3 ECTS.

Provisional regulation regarding the Global competence – module

The AC decided that every student that begins their master’s level studies before 1 August 2018 will either take the 12 ECTS seminar course during 2018-19 or the new 5 ECTS seminar course and the 5 ECTS Global Competence module, both of which will be offered from 2019-20 onwards.

Addition to the curriculum in Entrepreneurship, Management and organization

A new PhD course, Paper Development Workshops, 6 ECTS, will be held in Helsinki and Vaasa during the spring term. The course Managing a Sustainable Development Project within management and organization will also be held in Helsinki during the spring.

Addition to the curriculum in Commercial law in Vaasa

Company Insurance and Risk Management was held during period 2 and was recorded by the examiner. It is now possible to take the course as e-course during the rest of the academic year.

Change of course content in Accounting in Vaasa

The AC overruled the department council decision regarding the course Strategisk företagsstyrning in Vaasa, where the plan was to offer the course as a literature course during the spring term of 2018. The AC decided that contact teaching is to be held in this particular course to ensure the learning goals that have been previously set.

New study plans (schedule, process)

The departments, the student representatives and the Office of Study Affairs have started working with the study plans for the academic years 2018-2020. Representatives from the Office of Study Affairs have visited every department during January. The new study plans have been discussed and the subject representatives have received guidance regarding the outlining and planning of the new study plans.

The informational meetings for the Student Union were held 29.1 and 1.2. at 9-11. During these meetings the Student Union’s representatives had a chance to hear the preliminary plans for the study plans 2018-2020.

Every department has to have a department meeting in February where they appoint the suggestions for their study plan for 2018-2020. The study plans are to be finalized by 26 February and sent to by that same date. The study plans will be discussed during the AC meeting on 7 March 2018.

The course description is to be entered into WebOodi by the departments’ representatives after the AC meeting on 7 March.

Every department has to have a department meeting in March where they will stipulate their proposals to the courses offered in 2018-2019. The course descriptions are to be ready and approved by the DCs on 2 April so they can be sent to on that day. It is recommended to describe how the courses have been changed to match 5 or 10 credits.

New members of the AC 2016-2018

The Student Union has appointed Anna Piiroinen as new student representative. Sofia Holm was appointed deputy member to Piiroinen.

The University Council appointed Maj-Britt Höglund deputy member to Martti Mäkinen.