| 10.10.2018

Information from the Academic Council meeting 3.10.2018

Read the summary from the Academic Council meeting on 3 October 2018

In its meeting on 3 October, the Academic Council (AC) approved 26 Master’s theses.

The Academic Council set the schedule for the applications and admissions to the doctoral studies 2019, and decided on splitting of a course (Konkurrens- och immaterialrätt) and cancellation of another (International Trade: Regulating International Transactions).

The Academic Council set the time frames for the teaching periods for the Academic year 2019-2020. The summer semester during the beginning of the summer was extended to 31.7. As it is of utmost importance that all results are registered to the correct academic year all parts of the summer courses have to be completed before 31.7. Specific instructions for those arranging summer courses are needed. The AC also set the schedule for its meetings during 2019.

As part of the organizational development at Hanken the Academic Council discussed a suggested new model for the Council. The model would incorporate the Quality Council’s and the Pedagogical Council’s tasks with the AC, and the Academic Council would be divided into two sections, the Education Council and the Research Council, with independent mandates in some matters. The model was both supported and objected against, and also other alternatives were presented.

The AC discussed a proposal of merging the Department of Economics with the Department of Finance and Statistics. The AC called for a better analysis of motives for and benefits of a merger.