Hanken researchers release book on practical tools for humanitarians

Hanken researchers release book on practical tools for humanitarians

Hanken’s Rector Karen Spens has, in collaboration with Hanken researchers Gyöngyi Kovacs and Ira Haavisto written and published a new book.

The book “Supply Chain Management for Humanitarians, Tools for Practice” provides in-depth insight into the management of supply chains in the context of humanitarian logistics. This accessible and practical book considers humanitarian logistics from both a strategic and an operational perspective. The overarching theme is collaboration and coordination, hence tackling one of the biggest challenges in the humanitarian community.

- The book goes through various crisis situations and disasters from a logistical perspective and provides a wide range of case studies from leading organisations such as Oxfam, UNICEF as well as the International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies, says Professor Gyöngyi Kovács.

The book provides a practical guide to humanitarian logistics.

Sypply Chain Management for Humanitarians.jpgDr Ira Haavisto is Director of the HUMLOG Institute. She is Co-editor in Chief of The Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management (JHLSCM) and teaches supply chain management and social responsibility at Hanken.

Professor Gyöngyi Kovács is the Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics and Head of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility at Hanken. She has published widely in humanitarian logistics and sustainable supply chain management.

Professor Karen Spens is the Rector of Hanken as well as Professor of Supply Chain Management. She has published extensively in logistics and supply chain management, particularly in health care and humanitarian supply chains.

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