| 06.02.2019

Hanken offers new student housing

Hanken is involved in two building projects and now the first house is ready and accepted new tenants from 1 February 2019. There are still apartments available and open for applications.

The Majsporten building consists of 103 apartments devided into 85 one-room apartments, 14 two-room apartments (couples and buddies) and four three-room apartments.The Majsporten student housing is jointly owned with Arcada University of Applied Science. You can apply for a rental contract if you are registered as present at Hanken. The rent is between 470-940 eur/month, depending on the size of the apartment.

Hanken students are invited to apply for an apartment. At the moment (6.2.2019) there are still big one-room apartments, and couples and buddies-apartments available.

The second building project on Jätkäsaari will be finished in 2021 and consists of over 80 apartments for Hanken students only.

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