Hanken co-organiser of Helsinki Challenge

Hanken co-organiser of Helsinki Challenge

Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition and accelerator scheme to solve the great problems in the world.

The competition is part of the Finland 100 anniversary-programme and the winner will hence be announced in December 2017. Helsinki Challenge is a platform for collaboration and a competition. Solutions are generated in multidisciplinary teams consisting of members from science and art communities, business, the public and third sector, media and society.

This year’s themes – Sustainable Planet, Urban Future, and People in Change – are linked to the UN’s sustainable development goals. The prize of the idea competition is 375,000 euros and it is intended for putting the solution into practice.

The competition is organised by the University of Helsinki in collaboration with several other universities, among them Hanken School of Economics.

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More information:
Project Manager Ira Leväaho, ira.levaaho@helsinki.fi, tel. 050 505 8152

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Hanna Donner