| 12.04.2021

Hanken alumni share their inspiring career stories in a new podcast

Hanken School of Economics launches a new Career Podcast where Hanken’s alumni share their career stories and discuss what choices they have made, but also look back at their studies at Hanken. The first three episodes will be out 12 April 2021.

Katarina Krokfors

Katarina Krokfors, host of the podcast.

The alumni who participate in the podcast are from different generations, and they come from varying backgrounds and different parts of the world. Some of them have started at Hanken directly after high school, while others already had a remarkable career behind when starting at the university.

“The podcast shows in a nice way how broad are the career opportunities that the studies at Hanken open up. By listening to the podcast, one can also get advice for example of how to get forward in one’s career, how to write a good CV, and how to do well in a job interview since many of the alumni who participate in the podcast are in a leading position”, says Katarina Krokfors, the host of the podcast and student at Hanken.

The podcast shows that students apply to Hanken for very different reasons. For instance, Jenni Petrova tells about how she applied to Hanken in order to re-start her career in Finland after studies and top positions as a lawyer in Moscow.

“The alumni’s career paths are different, but what many of the alumni emphasize is that it is important to take risks and jump into the unknown. This is something that at least I will keep in my mind for the future”, says Krokfors.

Behind the podcast are the producers Mira Aarnivuo (Alumni Coordinator) and Camilla Wardi (Head of Corporate Relations and Outreach).

“The idea to make a podcast actually came from one of Hanken’s alumni and it felt like a natural way to engage alumni and students”, says Aarnivuo.

The guests in the first nine episodes are Christopher Thölix (12/4), Monika Liikamaa (12/4), Apramey Dube (19/4), Eleonor Hedström (19/4), Fredrik Wildtgrube (26/4), Hanna Westman (26/4), Kristian Schrey (3/5 ), Jenni Petrova (3/5), and Paulina Hoffman (10/5).

Besides the alumni episodes, a bonus episode is included about the support students can get at Hanken from Career Services, the Study Coach and the Study Office. This episode is also broadcasted on 12 April.

The episodes are about 20-30 minutes, and the language in them is Swedish or English.

A list of the episodes with a link to each episode can be found here.


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