| 29.11.2017

Follow Hanken on Slush

The international start-up event Slush takes place in Helsinki 30.11-1.12.2017. Hanken will be present with a booth, a podcast and Dean Minna Martikainen serving as juror for the Skolar Award.

Hanken is involved in several activities at the world’s biggest start-up event Slush. Some of the companies from Hanken Business Lab will present themselves and Dean Minna Martikainen is a member of the jury of the Skolar Award (http://www.slush.org/sciencetrack/).Hanken records podcast sessions from Slush. Isak Rautio, student at Hanken, and Fredrik Weibull, COO at Hanken Business Lab, are hosting the podcast which is uploaded on the Hanken Business Lab Facebook page.The podcast sessions continue throughout the Slush event and interesting guests are invited for an interview: Amanda Sundell from Dropp, Marc-Johann Seppänen from Guardian X and Voitto Kangas from Maria01. You can find the podcast programme

here.The course Strategic Growth Investing is also participating for the first time. About 20 students will visit Slush in order to do business valuations as part of the course. They choose startup companies that participate in Slush and analyse them before, during and after the event, focussing on company strategy, financial position and possible future value.You can also follow the Hanken Slush podcast and the live stream from the event at Hanken Business Lab in Helsinki.