| 23.06.2021

Exchange students rank Hanken highly once again – despite distance studies during the spring

Hanken receives top results from exchange students who studied in Helsinki during the spring. This is the case even though all courses were arranged online.

Up to 100 percent answered that they are ready to recommend Hanken to others as a destination for exchange studies. Around 98 percent were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the courses offered, 97 percent very satisfied or fairly satisfied with how their course works were evaluated and 84 percent very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the cooperation with local students. Compared with the results last year, the differences are not significant – the results were exceptionally good even then.

“More good news is that the students were this time more satisfied with the collaboration with local students in the courses compared to the year before. This might have to do with the distance learning, which entails that everyone works from the same starting point and previous acquaintances may not have affected as much as before,” Johanna Lilius, Manager, International Affairs, at Hanken reflects.        
Services offered by the exchange team were appreciated '

Compared to the year before, the satisfaction with the services at Hanken dropped a bit, but was still high, closer to 90 percent (includes student services, library and the international office). In the open answers, the students brought furthermore to the fore that that they understood that the corona pandemic had an impact on the services they received.

Everyone – 100 percent –reported that they were very satisfied (89 per cent) or satisfied (11 percent) with the services that the exchange team offers team offered. The student union's efforts in integrating incoming exchange students and arranging social program were also appreciated.

During the spring semester of 2021, Hanken had 55 incoming exchange students in Helsinki. A total of 65 percent of the exchange students participated in the survey. Of these, 11 were men and 26 women and all but one was from a European partner university. The survey, conducted via e-mail, has been carried out since 2012 by the company ValueClinique that has over the years provided valuable information on how the education, services and the stay at Hanken has been experienced by the exchange students. This time the results indicate that Hanken does not currently need to take any action. 

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Johanna Lilius, Manager, International Relations