| 25.06.2019

Climate change calls for new measures in disaster preparedness

A new thesis shows that climate information interpreted and presented to local stakeholders influence the decision making which makes the society better prepared for weather-related hazards.

Minchul Sohn investigates in his thesis Humanitarian logistics preparedness for recurring small scale disasters based on seasonal climate information the use of seasonal climate information as part of humanitarian logistics preparedness activities to mitigate the negative impacts of seasonal climate risks, such as increased heavy rainfall events, prolonged dry spells and shifts in seasonal rainfall patterns.

-In my study that I conducted in Zambia I’ve found that different aid organisations were concerned about the changing patterns of the climate and its unpredictable variability compared to before. Indeed, different studies points out that climate variability is one of the most critical factors of livelihood insecurity, says Sohn.

Humanitarian organisations are aware of that seasonal climate information can ease their decision making for humanitarian logistics preparedness with regards to sourcing, inventory and other operational decisions.

-I have found that the most important thing is that the seasonal climate information reaches those who work with food production and health care. It is vital that they can place orders of seeds and medical supplies in time before extreme weather hits them. To do so, multi-organisational and multi-sectoral networking is crucial, says Sohn.

Such practice allows for the climate information to be better presented and interpreted, and this, in turn, leads to more effective climate-based humanitarian logistics preparedness. Areas that are exposed to recurring weather-related hazards often suffer from cumulative effects which in turn can destroy the livelihood of the entire village and cause famine.

Minchul Sohn will defend his doctoral thesis on the subject on Friday, 28 June, at 12 pm. The field is Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

You can access the thesis here:

Venue: Futurum, Hanken, Arkadiankatu 22, Helsinki
Opponent: Richard Oloruntoba, Newcastle Business School
Custos: Gyöngyi Kovács

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Minchul Sohn's picture from the SAFE-MET project in Zambia