| 02.12.2022

Changes in the admission at Hanken 2023

The Academic Council at Hanken has recently approved some structural changes to the master’s programme in English. Starting from the autumn 2023 Hanken offers nine master’s programmes (MSc Economics and Business Administration) in English.

The programmes are:

•    Accounting
•    Economics
•    Finance
•    Governance and Commercial Law
•    Humanitarian Logistics
•    International Strategy and Sustainability
•    Marketing
•    Marketing and Management
•    Intellectual Property Law

Previously Hanken offered the same subjects in one master’s programme where students chose a specialisation and/or track. The prior so called specialisations Financial Analysis and Business Development and Business and Management have been discontinued and the tracks been upgraded to programmes.

The admission has been rearranged to all levels of education, so all applications for degree studies are offered in the national application portal Studyinfo.fi. Previously other platforms have been used. Now all applications are concentrated in the same platform to give a more coherent picture of Hanken. No matter the level of education, all applications are done in the same system.

The master’s application Rolling admission (based on foreign educational credentials) to the master’s programmes in Humanitarian Logistics, International Strategy and Sustainability, Marketing, and Marketing and Management, has opened earlier this year to attract talented students at an early stage. Previously the application opened only in February but now the application has run for a month already, since the 1 November.  We are happy to announce that we have already admitted students for studies starting in August 2023.  

During the years 2021-22 it was possible to apply for a separate intake with Economics as major subject in the bachelor level studies. This application method with a separate intake based on secondary school certificates has now been discontinued, and from now on students who want to choose Economics as major in their bachelor studies make their major subject choice during their second semester.

The admission method to bachelor’s degree studies based on Swedish merits (SweSAT) or certificate was adjusted by the Education Board at Hanken 1.11. to correspond the levels required of talented students applying to business schools in Sweden.

The main admission rounds to both master’s studies and PhD studies open on 30 November 2022 and will close 18 January 2023 at 3pm. All subjects in the PhD admission are accepting candidates in 2023, except Marketing in Vaasa. The application period to the Swedish bachelor’s and master’s studies is arranged in March, 16.-30.3.2023. All applications are done through the studyinfo.fi portal.

Do you have questions about admissions?
Contact the admissions team at: ansokan@hanken.fi, masters@hanken.fi or doctoral.studies@hanken.fi .