| 13.09.2018

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 2019

Fancy getting your doctoral hat during a festive ceremony and then dancing the night away? The next ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees at Hanken will take place on 25 October 2019.

Hanken’s ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees is a very traditional and solemn ceremony in which doctors of the recent years as well as a selected group of honorary doctors are conferred. The ceremony is only held once in five years. The ceremony starts with an official procession followed by a ceremony in which the doctors receive their official hats and diplomas. After the ceremony we continue with a festive dinner and dancing.  We warmly welcome all who finished their doctoral theses from 2014 onwards to participate in this unique ceremony.  For doctoral students who are yet to defend their doctoral theses and wish to participate in the conferment, the following recommended schedule for the review of the dissertation has been developed. The schedule must, naturally, be decided upon together with the supervisor.  For more information concerning the dissertation and public defence process, please see this link In case of a delay in the above mentioned process, there will be a possibility for an extension of the timetable. This schedule is however extremely tight and there is a higher risk not to make the deadline to participate. For more information on the alternative schedule, please see the link above.