Art exhibition at Hanken – meet the artist!

Art exhibition at Hanken – meet the artist!

Reverse Shots is a pictorial project by Mexican artist Jose Antonio Ochoa exhibited at Hanken in Helsinki for a week beginning on 25 September. Ochoa will be present at the exhibition on 28 September at 12-14 to meet with students and staff.

The project focuses on the relationship between cinema Jose Antonio Ochoa.jpgand painting, concentrating on the representation of landscape. The images originate from cinema, with the film medium being translated into painting.

Jose Antonio Ochoa was born in Mexico City in 1990. In 2010, he participated in a variety of courses at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. In 2015 he graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Ochoa has presented a diverse set of expositions around the world, including in places such as London, Madrid, Chicago, and Sevilla.
Currently, he holds art collections in Mexico, Canada, Israel, Nigeria, USA and Spain.

Please also visit Jose’s webpage at:

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